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Nominate a female pharmacy professional for our Women to Watch 2024 list

Help us find and celebrate brilliant, unrecognised women who are accomplishing great things in pharmacy.

The Pharmaceutical Journal is once again launching a nationwide search to find women in the pharmacy profession who are achieving great things and deserve greater recognition.

We want to identify female role models within the pharmacy profession who can inspire others, as well as encourage the future generation of female pharmacy professionals to be brave and reach their full potential.

For a guide on what to include in your nomination, please read the information below and fill out the nomination form. You can also read our Women to Watch 2023 list here.

Thank you for nominating and we look forward to reading your entry.

How to nominate

Individuals can submit a nomination by completing the nomination form below.

Please ensure all of the required information in the nomination form is provided. We will be unable to accept partially completed nominations.

Successful nominations will contain substantial, quantitative evidence of their impact on patients or healthcare services and include testimonials from other pharmacists, patients or healthcare colleagues.

We want to hear how nominees have overcome barriers and shown courage in their work and their potential in the future.

The deadline for nominations is 23:59 BST on 26 July 2024.

Who can nominate?

We invite nominations from any individual working in the healthcare sector. We would ask that individuals only nominate one nominee if possible, as we aim to publish a diverse list of women from all sectors and locations.

Who can be nominated?

Any woman who fulfils the following criteria will be put forward for the shortlist. They must be:

  • Working or training as a pharmacy professional within the UK. This includes:
    • Pharmacists;
    • Pharmacy students;
    • Foundation trainees;
    • Pharmacy technicians;
    • Pharmacy assistants/counter staff.
  • Not already widely known, such as those currently/previously elected, or paid, to sit on the board of a national organisation or executive committee that has more than 500 members. This includes:
    • Royal Pharmaceutical Society;
    • General Pharmaceutical Council;
    • National Pharmacy Association;
    • Pharmacists’ Defence Association;
    • Community Pharmacy England;
    • British Pharmaceutical Students’ Association;
    • Independent Pharmacies Association;
    • Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK;
    • NHS.
  • Nominees can be members or ambassadors of the aforementioned organisations, a trustee of a charity or a previous winner of a local award, such as employee of the month.

Who are we looking for?

Nominees will be assessed on the following criteria; however, please note that nominees do not have to demonstrate evidence of all five qualities in order to qualify for the list.

The Pharmaceutical Journal team and external panel of contributors will take the individual circumstances and diversity of candidates into account when drawing up the final list of Women to Watch. You will also have the option to submit any information on protected characteristics, or other personal factors, that may be relevant to the application and should be taken into account when considering the nomination.

Nominees will be assessed on their work, which can be both paid or unpaid (e.g. volunteer work).

What qualifies as ‘supporting evidence’?

The panel can only assess the evidence provided within the nomination form; therefore, we strongly encourage you to include as much evidence as possible to illustrate how the nominee has gone above and beyond in their career so far.

Examples of evidence could include:

  • Survey results showing a particular service has improved patient quality of life and/or experience;
  • Audit data showing the clinical impact of a new service;
  • Testimonials from colleagues and/or patients;
  • Data representing enhanced operational efficiency and/or cost reduction;
  • Local recognition of success e.g. prizes, awards — or lack of, if appropriate.

Please ensure the evidence is as recent as possible. Incomplete evidence will be accepted and considered only in the context of the whole application.

How will my nomination be judged?

Nominations will be assessed by The Pharmaceutical Journal team and a panel of external contributors, and we will contact each successful nominee personally before publication.

Each nominee that comprises the final Women to Watch list will be profiled in The Pharmaceutical Journal and will receive a special trophy.

Nomination form

To open the nomination form in a new browser window click this link.

The deadline for nominations is 23:59 BST on 26 July 2024.

For more information

For more information or if you have any questions, please get in contact at

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, July 2024, Vol 313, No 7987;313(7987)::DOI:10.1211/PJ.2024.1.321489

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