RPS elections 2022: Brendon Jiang

English Pharmacy Board candidate

Primary care pharmacist and pharmacy consultant

I am running for election because I am dismayed by the recent Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) announcements and wish to redress the balance. Pharmacy needs a strong professional leadership body. One that paints a compelling vision of the future that we can all unite behind.

I am passionate about pharmacy and will listen and advocate for you. My main role is leading a pharmacy team across general practice to improve the health of patients. I am an independent prescriber running medication review clinics, as well as strategic projects facilitating collaborative working with community providers and secondary care. Naturally, I have strong links and contact with “grassroots pharmacy” locally and across the system. In my second role, I lead on medicines optimisation for an Academic Health Science Network. We all want an RPS that we can be proud of, and I am asking for your vote to help me deliver that for you.

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