RPS elections 2023: Danny Bartlett

English Pharmacy Board candidate

I am running for the board because I am passionate about supporting pharmacists in developing as clinicians at all stages in their career journey. There needs to be access to training, clear supervision and support, and a clear framework for pharmacists, whom by 2026 will all be qualified independent prescribers.   

I am optimistic of where our pharmacy profession is headed. We need pharmacists that truly advocate for the growth and protection of the profession without losing sight of what is actually happening on the ground across our sectors.    

There needs to be adequate funding for community pharmacy — this is sometimes overlooked. There needs to be adequate training and supervision of pharmacists in primary care where there is increased pressure and workload.    

In addition, training the next generation of pharmacists well at undergraduate level is vital. We need to make this as safe as possible around their development as prescribers. 

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