RPS elections 2024: Mercy Adeyemi

Welsh Pharmacy Board candidate

Mercy is a dynamic relief pharmacist, who is extremely passionate about preventing and treating substance misuse, implementing new technologies (leveraging on AI), empowering patients with knowledge, vibrant stakeholder engagement, ensuring safer pharmacies, addressing health inequalities, sustainability, and improving health outcomes across sectors.  

Mercy has served her local community, university, and profession in various positions, which include: member of UK Youth Parliament, BPSA Wales representative, advanced pharmacy mentor, and NICE evidence champion. 

Mercy successfully participated in the Diploma in Professional Development in Leadership offered by Cardiff University, which has helped her to refine her leadership skills to champion inclusive and authentic leadership. Mercy also has a sound understanding of health economics, namely pharmacoeconomics. 

Mercy has developed a unique combination of skills that have prepared her to thrive as an RPS board member, which include active listening, innovative thinking, problem solving, team work, emotional intelligence and public speaking.


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