RPS elections 2024: Shilpa Patel

English Pharmacy Board candidate

Shilpa Patel is a pioneering GP pharmacist partner based in Brighton, originally from Norway. With a career spanning over 17 years in community pharmacy and 8 years as a clinical pharmacist, Shilpa possesses a profound understanding of general practice. She has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills by establishing and overseeing a team of ten pharmacists, guiding them towards their specialised roles.

Shilpa has also played a pivotal role in a GP merger, successfully managing a benzodiazepine detox clinic, and serving as the medication lead for a practice catering to 25,000 patients. Shilpa’s campaign focuses on making pharmacists feel respected and valued, improving communication between pharmacists and with other sectors, encouraging them to become GP partners and driving prescribing opportunities.

Shilpa has been inspiring and motivating pharmacists to explore new avenues and strive for excellence via LinkedIn and she shares her knowledge on her free prescribing information platform AskShilpa.com.


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