RPS elections 2024: Sorbi Khattak

English Pharmacy Board candidate

I am a current serving board and assembly member and a portfolio pharmacist, with a passion for empowering women and the next generation of pharmacists, working across an international network. I have multi-sector experience in community pharmacy, general practice, academia and hospital (dermatology). My experiences in these fields have allowed me to develop a keen understanding of the profession and utilise these experiences to set strategic direction for the RPS and policies for England.

I am an active member of various organisations advocating for women’s empowerment and promoting diversity in the workplace. My dedication and passion to my work and community has allowed me to become The Pharmaceutical Journal’s ‘Woman to Watch 2022’. I aspire to shape the future of pharmacy through innovation, collaboration, diversity, inclusion and championing the next generation of pharmacists and pharmacy teams. I am actively pursuing these projects and intend to maintain this momentum upon re-election.


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