Terms of Licence

Terms of Licence to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain to publish in PJ Publications

To be agreed by the author, or corresponding author on behalf of ALL authors where there is multiple authorship. 

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain requires authors of contributions to all PJ Publications, including The Pharmaceutical Journal, and Clinical Pharmacist, to grant an exclusive licence, on the following Terms, to publish their material or, where copyright is owned by the author’s employer, to procure that the employer grants such a licence. The copyright of material submitted by Government employees may be held by the Crown, in which case authors must seek written permission to grant a non-exclusive licence. 

1. Definitions 

“Contribution” means the author’s material submitted to RPSGB for publication in PJ Publications. 

“PJ Publications” means RPSGB pharmaceutical publications including The Pharmaceutical Journal, and Clinical Pharmacist.

“RPSGB” means the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.

2. Grant of Rights 

2.1 The author grants to RPSGB the exclusive right to reproduce and/or distribute the Contribution throughout the world in printed, electronic or any other medium, known now or in the future created, including on the world-wide web, and in turn to authorise others (including reproduction rights organisations such as the Copyright Licensing Agency) to do the same. 

2.2 The grant in Clause 2.1 includes the right to publish the Contribution on the world-wide web at Pharmaceutical Journal online (www.pharmaceutical-journal.com) and in all RPSGB publications, either on its own or with related material. 

2.3 Notwithstanding the grant of rights in this Clause, the author shall be entitled to: 

(a) use the Contribution (provided he acknowledges the published original in standard bibliographic citation form) in ways that do not conflict directly with RPSGB’s professional and business interests. In particular, strictly no commercial use may be made of the material, ie, it may not be resold to any third party without RPSGB’s express written consent. This includes selling the right to access the contribution electronically. 

(b) make a reasonable number of photocopies or downloads of the Contribution from www.pharmaceutical-journal.com for the internal, non-commercial purposes of his own institution(s) or company(ies). 

(c) use the Contribution (in the form of photocopies or downloads from www.pharmaceutical-journal.com) in material for classroom teaching or in-house training purposes provided that such material is distributed free of charge to students at the authors’ own institution(s) or to employees within the authors’ own company(ies). This does not apply if any charge is made for attendance at any course at which the material is intended to be used, in which case permission must be sought. 

(d) mount the text, but not RPSGB PDFs, on his own website(s) or that of his institution(s) or company(ies). 

(e) post a hyperlink from his own website(s) or that of his institution(s) or company(ies) to the Contribution on www.pharmaceutical-journal.com. 

(f) use the text, but not RPSGB PDFs, in whole or in part as the basis for his own further publications or spoken presentations, provided the appropriate acknowledgements are given. 

3. RPSGB rights and obligations 

3.1 RPSGB shall be entitled to make necessary editorial changes in accordance with standard editorial processes but will not make any substantial alteration to the Contribution without consultation. 

3.2 RPSGB will respect the author’s right of attribution. 

3.3 RPSGB shall be under no obligation to accept the Contribution for publication, but undertakes to publish the Contribution as quickly as is reasonably practicable once it has been accepted. 

4. Warranties and indemnity 

4.1 The author warrants to RPSGB and its assignees and licensees, that, save as otherwise provided by Clause 4.2 below, the Contribution is his original work, that he is the owner of the rights granted herein, that he has full power to grant this licence, and that the Contribution has not previously been published and is not currently under consideration by another publication, whether printed or electronic. 

4.2 The author warrants that, if the Contribution contains material for which someone else owns the copyright, the unrestricted permission of the copyright owner to use that material has been sought and granted and that the material is clearly identified and acknowledged within the text. 

4.3 The author further warrants that the Contribution does not to the best of his knowledge or belief contain anything which is libellous or illegal or which infringes anyone’s copyright or other rights. 

4.4 The author shall indemnify and keep RPSGB indemnified against all actions, suits, proceedings, claims, demands and costs (including any legal costs or expenses properly incurred and any compensation costs and disbursements paid by RPSGB on the advice of its legal advisers to compromise or settle any claim) occasioned to RPSGB in consequence of any breach of this warranty, or arising out of any claim alleging that the Contribution constitutes in any way a breach of a warranty given herein. 

4.5. All warranties and indemnities herein contained shall survive the termination of this Agreement. 

5. Infringement of copyright 

RPSGB shall be entitled to take whatever action it deems appropriate if it considers that copyright in the Contribution is being infringed. RPSGB shall be entitled to retain the whole of any cost award and half of any damages award after deducting a sum equal to unrecovered costs. 

6. Termination 

This Agreement shall terminate in the event that the Contribution is not accepted for publication and all rights shall revert to the copyright holder. 

7. Governing law 

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England. 

Authors can grant a licence on these terms by making the following statement in the covering letter or e-mail sent with the Contribution: 

“I have read and understood the Terms of Licence to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain to Publish in PJ Publications, a copy of which appears on the website of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain at www.pjonline.com, and hereby (on behalf of all authors) grant, on acceptance of the attached Contribution, an exclusive worldwide licence in respect of the attached Contribution, [or a non-exclusive licence for Government employees] to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain and its licensees.”