Community pharmacy in Great Britain 2016: a fragmented market

There are more than 14,000 community pharmacies in Great Britain and the top 12 players own almost 50% of the market.

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Breakdown of pharmacy ownership

Large multiples (100 or more pharmacies) make up 49.2% of the community pharmacy market in Great Britain, with 12 companies owning 7,085 pharmacies. Small multiples (6–99 pharmacies) account for 12.4% of the market, with 145 companies owning 1,785 pharmacies, and independents (1–5 pharmacies) control 38.4% of the market, with 4,184 companies owning 5,519 pharmacies. One square represents one pharmacy, and each block of colour represents one owner.

Breakdown of large multiples

Boots dominates the large multiple sector with a 33.5% share.

Owner Pharmacies Employed pharmacists 
Boots Pharmacy 2,376 6,000 
Lloydspharmacy 1,576 1,892 
Well 815 1,106 
Rowlands 519 537 
Tesco 382 825 
Sainsbury’s 281 >500 
Day Lewis Pharmacy 270 318 
Asda 255 550 (approximate) 
Superdrug 203 249 
Cohens Chemist 182 >200 
Morrisons 119 240 
Paydens 107 140 

Breakdown of small multiples

PCT Healthcare has a 3.5% share of the small multiple sector.

Owner Pharmacies 
PCT Healthcare Ltd 63 
HI Weldrick Ltd61 
Dudley Taylor Pharmacies Ltd56 
Waremoss Ltd52 
WR Evans (Chemist) Ltd51 
Lincoln Co-Operative Chemists Ltd 49 
Rajja Ltd 35 
Whitworth Chemists 35 
Walter Davidson & Sons Ltd 33 
A & JM Sheppard Ltd31 
CG Murray & Son Ltd 26 
The Red Band Chemical Co Ltd 26 
Jhoots Healthcare Ltd 23 
HA McParland Ltd 22 
Laville Ltd 22 
Pasab Ltd 22 
Pillbox Chemists Ltd 22 
Imaan Ltd 21 
Norchem Healthcare Ltd 20 
Jardine (UK) Ltd 19 
Sykes Chemists Ltd19 
JN Murray Ltd 19 
Manichem Ltd 17 
Pearns’s Pharmacies Ltd 17 
Badham Pharmacy Ltd 17 
Medipharmacy Ltd 16 
Ashchem Ltd 15 
Hollowood Chemists Ltd 15 
Knights Chemist Ltd 15 
SKF Lo (Chemist) Ltd 14 
KSC IT Ltd 14 
Safedale Ltd 14 
X-Pharm Ltd 14 
Delmergate Ltd 13 
Cox & Robinson (Chemists) Ltd 12 
Borno Chemists Ltd 12 
Vittoria Healthcare Ltd 12 
M Farren Ltd 12 
Dean & Smedley Ltd 12 
Blundell’s Pharmacy Ltd 11 
Shaunaks Ltd 11 
Right Medicine Pharmacy Ltd 11 
Pharmacy Care Plus Ltd 11 
JM McGill Ltd 11 
James Storer Powell 11 
John Ware Ltd 11 
MEJ Hingley & Co Ltd  11 
HJ Everett (Chemist) Ltd 11 
Freshphase Ltd 11 
Pure Health Medical Ltd 11 
Michael Franklin (Chemists) Ltd 10 
SG Court Ltd 10 
Warwick Healthcare Ltd 10 
M & D Green Dispensing Ltd 10 
Magawell Ltd 10 
Day – Night Pharmacy Ltd 10 
The Hub Pharmacy Ltd 10 
Wise Pharmacies Ltd10
Butt & Hobbs Ltd10
Ashaeve Ltd10
John Rose (Chemists) Ltd10
HCA International Ltd9
BJ Wilson Ltd9
Whittle Pharmacies Ltd9
N Nasr Ltd9
Allcures Plc9
Medimpo Ltd9
Secret Potions Ltd9
Sedem Ltd9
N & R Gordon Ltd9
Napclan (UK) Ltd9
Newbridge (Healthcare) Ltd9
Omnicare Pharmacy Ltd8
Shadforth Pharmaceutical Co Ltd8
Shiraz & Sons Ltd8
Web Pharmacy Ltd8
APA Ltd8
Adam Myers Ltd8
East of England Co-Operative Society8
Niemans Chemists Ltd8
Strandhaven Ltd7
WM Brown (Kingshurst) Ltd7
A & L Porter Ltd7
Dispharma Retail Ltd7
Davies Chemists (Briton Ferry) Ltd7
Clockwork Retail Ltd7
Cornwells Chemists Ltd7
GLM Romanes Ltd7
Lo’s Pharmacy Ltd7
M Whitfield Ltd7
Manmohan Singh Birk7
Eightlands Ltd7
Care4u Pharmacy Ltd7
Alfa Chemist Ltd7
Aston Chemists Ltd7
Mayberry Pharmacy Ltd7
Medicare Chemists Ltd7
M & B Healthcare Ltd7
Gallagher Healthcare Ltd7
Invercoast Ltd7
Houlihan Pharmacy Ltd7
Surreal Medicare Ltd7
Salram Ltd 7
Others (41 owners with 6 pharmacies each, totalling 246)6


Infographic: Maria Angel Gonzalez

Source: Ownership information provided by the General Pharmaceutical Council in March 2016; individual companies

Last updated
The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ, May 2016, Vol 296, No 7889;296(7889):DOI:10.1211/PJ.2016.20201210

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