Red pharmacy bags warn of antimicrobial resistance

The initiative is a part of the ‘Seriously Resistant’ campaign led by NHS Leeds and Leeds City Council

Veronica Sanna from Headingley Pharmacy holds up the new red pharmacy bags

Pharmacy bags across Leeds will turn red as part of a campaign highlighting the dangers of antimicrobial resistance.

Throughout April 2018, pharmacists will dispense medicine in the red bags as part of the ‘Seriously resistant’ campaign. The bags will also feature a message asking patients to complete their course of antibiotics even if they start to feel better.

“Switching regular prescription bags for standout red ones highlights the severity of this threat to the future of healthcare,” said Becky Dam, director of marketing agency Magpie who were commissioned to develop the campaign.

“Antibiotic resistance is avoidable if we pledge to take action together,” she added. 

The ‘Seriously resistant’ campaign is led by NHS Leeds and Leeds City Council. Promotional resources, including posters and videos, are available to download from the campaign website.

One of the videos features Philip Howard, Royal Pharmaceutical Society spokesperson for antimicrobials and president of the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy. Howard describes the potential consequences of antimicrobial resistance, and explains how healthcare professionals and the public can help to prevent it. 

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, Red pharmacy bags warn of antimicrobial resistance;Online:DOI:10.1211/PJ.2018.20204616

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