RPS elections 2024: Maria Nasim

English Pharmacy Board candidate

Maria Nasim is a current Chief Pharmaceutical Officer’s clinical fellow at UK Health Security Agency with an extensive portfolio career across multiple sectors within healthcare. She has amassed 11+ years of valuable strategic leadership and clinical experience with a proven ability to translate NHS policies into tangible healthcare innovations underscoring her commitment to patient-centred services. 

Maria Nasim is dedicated to empowering pharmacy professionals for increased representation at senior executive levels, advocating for portfolio careers to meet the demands of an evolving profession, and promoting integrated services and collaboration. She also champions support for new parents, ensuring they can pursue their career aspirations without compromising family life. Her vision is to drive forward and work together towards a better future for our profession and better future for us. 

Join her in championing pharmacy’s future with heart, embracing diversity, empowering careers, and supporting families in our profession’s journey.

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