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Immune-related cancer toxicities: what pharmacists need to know

In this episode of The PJ Pod, we explore the side effects of cancer immunotherapy and consider what pharmacists can do to support patients throughout the course of their treatment.
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The use of immune-related cancer treatments has skyrocketed in recent years, dramatically transforming the outcomes and survival rates for many patients. With increasing numbers of people eligible for immunotherapy, pharmacists need to understand the toxicities associated with these therapies and how they can best support patients throughout the course of their treatment.  

In this episode of  The PJ Pod, Caitlin Killen, assistant clinical editor, and Alex Clabburn, senior editor, enlist the help of two experts to explore what the rise in immunotherapy treatment means for the ongoing care of cancer patients, including practical aspects of managing side effects, how to support and educate patients and what to do in the event of suspected toxicities. 

Many thanks to Dharmisha Chauhan, lead genomic clinical pharmacist for North Thames Genomic Medicine Service Alliance and specialist oncology pharmacist at The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, and Stuart Evans, cancer pharmacist at South West Wales Cancer Centre at Singleton Hospital and Swansea Bay University Health Board, for their expertise. 

This episode was produced by Geoff Marsh. 

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