The Pharmaceutical Journal is moving forward into a digital future

This issue of The Pharmaceutical Journal is the last monthly print edition that you will receive, but you can find the same high standard of editorial content on the new digital platform.
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In the February 2021 print edition of The Pharmaceutical Journal, you will find a collection of the latest editorial content published online during the month. And this is true for every print issue that we produce — we first publish online and then produce a print edition to send to members.

However, as has been outlined in a series of blogs by our publisher — the latest of which can be found here — from now on we will no longer produce a print edition each month.

To make the digital edition central to your membership in place of the print, we needed far better technology in place to deliver a better experience online — from an improved sign-in process, intuitive navigation, faster load times, mobile responsiveness and new CPD capabilities —  than we have had up until now.

And while we could never replicate the unique look and feel of print in a digital format, we believe that with the launch of our new digital edition in February 2021, we now have a platform that offers readers more than the print alternative, such as linking relevant resources and integrating other products and services.

We appreciate that this may be a major change to how some members have read The Pharmaceutical Journal in the past. We also know how much of an important role print has played in the proud history of The Pharmaceutical Journal over the past 180 years. However, we believe that the advantages of our new digital offering will become clear to all our members in time and we encourage you to log into the new PJ website and see what it has to offer.

We have put together a quick guide on how to use the new website, with an explanation of some of the most important aspects, including how to provide feedback, as well as additional information on help and support.

We will continue to produce the same level of editorial content that you expect from us and we will always improve how it works with you, the reader, in mind. Indeed, making these changes now will enable us to continue to produce content, while maintaining the highest editorial standards and remaining the journal of record for the pharmacy profession long into the future. 

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The Pharmaceutical Journal, PJ February 2021, Vol 306, No 7946;306(7946)::DOI:10.1211/PJ.2021.1.61364


  • ronmedlow

    Are obituaries published online?

    • Sophie Willis

      Hi Ron. Yes, obituaries can be found here:
      Sophie, senior subeditor

  • Radharani Patel

    Is there any way to still get a hard version of the PJ delivered? I rarely read the online and miss the paper copy!


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