The Pharmaceutical Journal wins at science writers awards

Senior features editor Dawn Connelly was awarded the prize for ‘Feature of the Year — Specialist’ for her feature on parosmia and long COVID.
dawn connelly being presented with award

Dawn Connelly, senior features editor at The Pharmaceutical Journal, has been awarded the prize for ‘Feature of the Year — Specialist’ at this year’s Association of British Science Writers’ Awards.

Connelly was presented with the award at a ceremony in central London on 13 July 2023 for her feature on parosmia resulting from COVID-19.

Parosmia is a condition that causes unpleasant smell distortions and can be a symptom of long COVID. The piece looked at what the condition is, the causes and potential treatments.

The feature was also personal to Connelly, as her daughter, Zara, experienced parosmia after contracting COVID-19.

Announcing the award, the ABSW judges described the article as: “A beautifully written tale. We have bizarre signs and symptoms, human tragedy, what we know and don’t know about the neuroscience, and news for sufferers and pharmacists.”

Connelly was also shortlisted for a British Society of Magazine Editors Talent award in the ‘Best use of data journalism’ category in June 2023, and as best section editor in 2022.

Read the feature here: ‘My whole world changed’ — the repulsive smells that linger for months post COVID

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